The Purpose of the TYC Capital Campaign

The goal of the Tokata Initiative is to fund the new Tokata Youth Center (TYC).

This 7,500 square foot facility opened in September 2022. Already over 460 youth are enrolled and seeking to participate in programming! These Native American youths are among the most at-risk and under-resourced in our Nation. The TYC is meeting critical needs of the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation youth by providing a safe and stable environment modeling biblical principles and Dakota Oyate values. At the TYC, youth are receiving educational tutoring and life skills training from mentors who prioritize physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

  • image of Thompson

    Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Chairman Lester Thompson Jr.
    “As Chairman of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe I fully support the Tokata Youth & Family Center project. I am excited that great progress has already been made. This facility will be of incredible benefit to the youth and families of our tribe.”

  • image of Brandon Sazue

    Brandon Sazue, former Crow Creek Sioux Tribal Chairman
    “My heart is burdened with a desire to see our youth prosper; though they face many challenges on our reservation. As a Tribe, we have limited resources to assist our youth. The Tokata Youth Center Capital Campaign is now underway to raise funds for construction of this permanent facility. Your help is now needed and I strongly endorse and support this campaign. A permanent TYC facility will be used to teach, mentor, feed, train and EMPOWER the youth, allowing them to overcome challenges, and reach their dreams.”

  • image of Mary-Dee

    Mary-Dee, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Youth
    “Kids come to the TYC to have fun and learn. The TYC helps me grow up to be a person that helps my community. I’m happy when I picture the TYC one day having a bigger building. We’d have our own gym, and more room.”

  • image of Thompson

    Val Merritt, TYC Cook, Crow Creek Sioux Tribe
    “A new Tokata Youth Center is the need of our next and now generation of young leaders in the community. I’m also very excited to be able to work and cook in the new facility kitchen. My passion is mentoring [and] feeding our young leaders healthy meals so they grow to be strong.”